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Google Workspace (formerly called G-Suite) is a compelling suite of apps to help you work smarter than ever. I’m a massive fan of the Workspace. And that’s why I’ve created this G-Suite guide for beginners like you to get started quickly. 

What is G-Suite? How to benefit from Google’s hand-crafted apps? The G-Suite tutorial will answer these questions along with others. I’ll also tell you three things you need to do before and after you jump on Google Workspace

There are tons of benefits of using G-Suite. For example, you can send bulk emails by combining the power of Workspace. Here’s how you can do it:

G-Suite just got better and is now called Google Workspace. That’s why I’ll use both these names alternatively in this post. Sounds fair? Let’s get started without further ado!

What is Google Space: G-Suite Guide

I want you to benefit from Google Workspace even if you are a complete beginner. It will help if you know what it is and why I recommend using it. So if you’ve been wondering, let me tell you that.

Google Workspace (formerly called G-Suite) is a collection of Google apps to run your business or educational initiative seamlessly. “

Some of these apps, like Gmail or Google Drive, have free versions as well. But the ones you get with Google Workspace are geared towards business. Google has redesigned them to run your businesses hassle-free and professionally.

For example, you usually get “” with Gmail. But with Google Workspace, you get professional email addresses like “” ending in your company name. The free version of Google Drive allows you to use 15GB of storage. While the G-Suite version includes 30GB to unlimited storage, depending on your plan. 

Why I Love G-Suite Apps

I love Google Workspace apps because of one reason; seamless integrations. So you can create email accounts for your employees or business partners and give them access to all the apps for a seamless workflow. G-Suite apps offer quick collaboration with your team members. 

Google Workspace (G-Suite) Apps

You can use almost all these apps without paying a dime for your personal use. But if you want to upgrade your smart work style, you need G-Suite products with added functionality. Here’s a pro-tip; install apps like Google Chrome extensions. 

Let me make it clear that I’ll talk about the G-Suite versions of apps now.  


G-Suite‘s Gmail is a wonderful email marketing solution that helps you prioritize your workflow. It enables you to stay on top of the work that matters the most. It’s an ad-free email solution with highly secure communication. 

Gmail by Google Workspace Guide G-Suite

Here are a few more features you get to enjoy in the paid version of Gmail:

  • Third-party integrations
  • Custom email addresses
  • 30GB of storage (at least)
  • 99.99% guaranteed uptime
  • Unlimited group email addresses

But wait, there’s more. Gmail offers you to connect with your coworkers via Google Meet or Google Chat. Isn’t it remarkable that you can do it all without leaving Gmail now? Also, you can add up to 30 email addresses for each user. Wow! 

Google Meet

Help your team stay connected yet secure during the communication. Google apps are more than enough to run your business on the go. And Google Meet is a terrific addition to enjoy frictionless meetings.

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Google Meet  G-Suite

All your coworkers can view all the scheduled meetings, so they don’t miss any. Google Meet also helps you connect the teams who use Skype for Business. And external participants who are not G-Suite users can also join your meetings. 

Google Drive

Create, secure, and access your files on the go with Google Drive. If you have existing data, you can migrate it to your Google Drive seamlessly. Google Workspace‘s version of Drive offers flexible storage plans. 

Drive  G-Suite

How is it different from the free version of Google Drive? Well, the business version gives you more storage, support, and shared drives, depending on your plan. And the 24/7 email and phone support are commendable. 

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, & Forms

With these apps, you don’t need to download any heavy software to create rich text documents, sheets, slides, and forms. It works offline, help you share the files externally, and convert existing documents into Google documents (docs, sheets, and slides).

Google Sheet has more than 400 functions, and you can create your custom ones as well. On the other hand, Google Slides offer huge templates to choose from. And you can draw charts and create diagrams as well. 

G-Suite Guide: Google Calendar

Spend more time taking the actions and tracking them on Google Calendar. It seamlessly integrates with all other apps like Gmail, Sites, or Drive.


Schedule events and check the availability of your coworkers. You can either make your calendar public or private to a subset of your team members. 

Google Chat

Communication is an integral part of any business. And Google Chat helps you do it effectively without leaving Google Workspace apps. The app simplifies one-on-one and group messaging as well. You can streamline all your messages in one plus to stay focused on your business. 

Google Sites

With this app, you can create dynamic sites for your team, project, or event. You don’t need any programming or designing skills for that. And it’s not just about your team; external visitors may also visit the sites. Google also helps you get the custom domain for your business sites. 

Currents by Google

Google Currents is like an inside social media for your teams. It helps you enjoy valuable discussions to stay focused on achieving common goals.

Google Currents

Throw your ideas onto your team and get instant feedback. Users from outside their organization can also access Currents if permitted by the relevant administrators. 

Keep by Google

I love keeping notes with Keep. It’s seamless, simple, and colorful as well. You can save not only texts but also capture screenshots and more.

Keep - by Google

With G-Suite‘s Keep, you can collaborate with your colleagues on notes, lists, photos, and more. 

G-Suite Guide: Apps Script

Google has done its best to offer everything under one umbrella for all your smart business needs. Apps Script is also a part of such an effort. It’s a scripting platform for light app development. So you can develop apps without leaving Google Workspace

Apps Script

What I like about Apps Script is that you can benefit from the Google Workspace APIs. You can also integrate other Google services like YouTube, BigQuery, and more. It’s an excellent opportunity if you’re a budding business based on app development. 

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It’s an AI-powered assistant offered by Google to help you find relevant information shareable across all the apps. It offers a card-style design.

Cloud Search

The app helps you boost the overall productivity of your coworkers and business partners. 


Whiteboards must have always been a great medium for collaboratively sharing your ideas. Google’s Jamboard takes things even further.


All your coworkers can present, save, share, and use it just like a whiteboard. And they can join the Jams from anywhere. 

Google Workspace (G-Suite) for Business

G Suite for Business

G-Suite is a must-have tool for smart businesses of all kinds. It’s like the swiss knife for businesses – you’ve all the tools under one hood. Google Workspace helps you collaborate, organize, and market your ideas, products, and more. If you don’t choose it, you’ll end up buying tons of tools at different prices. 

G-Suite Guide: Workspace Pricing for Business

Google Workspace pricing for businesses is based on users per month. The Business Starter plan costs you only $6/month for one user if you’re just starting. And you get a custom email address, 100 participant meetings, 30GB of storage, along with security controls. 

The Business Standard plan for Google Workspace costs you $12/month for each user. And it comes with all the ‘Starter’ features along with 150-participant meetings plus recordings. You also get 2TB of cloud storage. 

G Suite Pricing

For ‘Business Plus’ features, you need to pay $18/month for every user. And the features include everything from the ‘Plus’ and 250-participant meetings, attendance, and recordings. It also comes with 5TB of storage along with enhanced security features. 

And if you want to upgrade even more, the ‘Enterprise’ plan will work fine for you. For the exact pricing, you need to let Google know your needs. The pricing is pretty much low for the value you bring in with the Workspace.  And that’s why I’ve created this G-Suite guide for beginners like you.

Google Workspace (G-Suite) for Education

G Suite for Education

G-Suite for Education is now Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals. It’s a free suite of tools to offer you a flexible foundation for all your learnings and collaborations. The ‘Fundamental’ edition is free only for qualifying institutions.


G-Suite Guide: 3 Things to Prepare Before You Sign Up for Google Workspace

Before you jump on creating an account on Google Workspace, let me tell you three things you may need. And these things include:

  • A domain name: It’s not a must if you want to register your domain with Google.
  • Working credit card: You may need it even with a 14-day trial
  • Alternate email address: Prepare your non-G-Suite email address for security. 

Don’t have a domain name? Buy it on NameCheap because it offers unique names at reasonable rates. Everything up to and running? Let’s sign up for the Workspace now. 

G-Suite Guide: How to Sign Up Google Workspace

Creating a Google Workspace account is as simple as creating your Google or Facebook account. Hover over to the Workspace’s homepage and ‘get started.’ 

Set up g suite

Enter your business name, number of employees, and contact information. Google Workspace also asks if you have an existing domain name or if you want to buy a new one. 

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Google Workspace Contact G-Suite

You need to connect your domain if you already have one. Or else, G-Suite prompts you to create your domain name. And then fill in the username and a password for your Workspace. 

Set up G Suite

Review your account details and proceed with your payments. Google will now send you a confirmation email. Confirm, and you’re ready.

G-Suite Guide: 3 Things to Do After You Sign Up for Google Workspace

You may need to set up your Google Workspace page after your free trial of 14 days expires. Go to your admin panel and click on the ‘more’ icon to see the page. And the setup will require three things from you:

  • Verify your domain: Google needs to confirm if the domain is yours.
  • Add your teammates: It’s not a must, but you need to add users. Don’t you?
  • Segment them into groups: Divide your team members into groups for the organization.

Let’s do these three things together to help you give a quick start to your business.

Verify Your Domain Name

Google will walk you through the steps of setting up your account. As prompted to confirm your domain name, you will do the following:

  • Login to cPanel
  • Add a “Meta” tag to your site (optional)
  • Add the MX Records provided by Google

It may take up to 24 hours for the new DNS settings to propagate. In my case, the DNS records were changed within half an hour. So it may vary, of course. In the meanwhile, set up your signature, profile picture, or logo, and let your subscribers know about your new email (if it is). 

Add Users to Your Workspace

Select your domain name, open the menu, and choose ‘Email’ from the options. Go to ‘Add or remove people from Google Workspace‘ to add users. Select the role and click ‘Add.’ That’s how you add your teammates to your G-Suite account. 

Create Groups on Workspace

Log into your G-Suite account and go to ‘Groups.’ Go for ‘Create group’ and name it. Adding a description would be helpful. You can also set the Group owner if you want. You must have created the group after clicking the ‘Next’ button. 

Set Up Your Cold Email System With G-Suite Guide

Now that you have signed up for Google Workspace, it is the right time to set up your cold email system if you want. Have a look at this video for that. 

Summary on G-Suite Guide 

Google Workspace is a suite of valuable tools to help you succeed in your business smartly. These apps include upgraded versions of Gmail, Drive, Apps Scripts, and more. When you’re on the G-Suite dashboard, you can do collaborations and communications on the go. 

Google Workspace Apps

Sharing your products or services and getting feedback from your coworkers or business partners is seamless with Workspace. You create your company’s profile, build projects, and plan accordingly. It’s like an inside workspace for your business. 

What do you think about Google Workspace? Are you finally going to run your business smartly with the apps? Let me know in the comments below. 

By Hasan AboulHasan

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