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Ibotta: Is the App Legit? is it worth it?

Download The App (psst… here’s $10 bonus!)

If you’ve never downloaded the app before, simply click here. This link will guide you through the signup and download process, or you can visit your smartphone’s app store, type in “Ibotta” in the search bar and download the app.

If you are a first time user, you can use the promo code JJMGKJO to get a $10 bonus by signing up and redeeming a brand name offer.

Who doesn’t want $10 for free, am I right!?

  1. Download the app  Add code “JJMGKJO”
  2. Find offers
  3. Click the plus sign next to the offers you plan to redeem
  4. Upload your receipt
  5. Earn cash back!

What Is The Ibotta App?

The Ibotta app is kind of like the new-age of couponing except you don’t have to search through the newspaper to find ads, clip paper coupons or take them to the store when you shop.

Ibotta is so good that I now check the app before I make any purchase. You better believe I want 5% back on my hotel rooms over spring break and $2.00 off a good bottle of red wine. Guys, they have deals on eyeglasses from time-to-time.


Is Ibotta Worth It?


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