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How to: Lalalai – Free minutes & Affiliate Program

I have just came across this cool tool, thought you guys might like it. Probably amazing for sampling and remixes. If you need extra lalalai free minutes just go here

So far is perfect. Depending on the song, the separation of the vocals and instrumentals might be better then others songs.

Still though, this is amazing. You just upload and choose what you want to separate. 

lalalai free minutes

You can make money with LALAL.AI Affiliate Program

It’s an opportunity to make a profit off LALAL.AI’s next-generation stem splitting technology.

As an affiliate partner, you will get 30% of the revenue from each purchase as a commission.  The cookie’s lifetime is 180 days. Referral and affiliate is a bit different. Referring will get you lalalai free minutes to use in the website. As an affiliate you will make money.

The minimum amount of revenue required to receive a commission payout is $150.

In order to become our partner, read the affiliate agreement, then apply for the program here.

After you fill out the registration form and submit your application, we will contact you via email and provide marketing assets to get you started as a LALAL.AI affiliate.

Bonus!: free minutes! just click here and get an extra 10-20 lalalai free minutes.

Let’s make a website!

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